Its over. Sigh !!!

June 3, 2008

Looking back at this year and looking forward to the next.

Guess what I am thinking of?

Picture Courtesy Ankit


Winding Down

May 26, 2008

So we are close to the semi-finals. Lots of emotional stuff happening. SRK getting all teary eyed when asked not to go to the dug out and then sending a 10 page SMS boo hooing about it.

Preity I hear is now praying for her team’s success. I heard that it was at her command that “Mentakumaran” Sreesanth actually got a haircut.

I love the Bollywood types. So dramatic.

Vijay Mallya’s team have actually won a couple of matches. So dont hear much grumblings there.

Caught Smoking

May 26, 2008

So this cop files a complaint against Ness Wadia and me Da Commish. I think the bugger was just jealous of all the TV coverage I was getting… and the fact that I was sitting close to Preity Zinta.

He complained that I was smoking in an earlier match. Bah Humbug… so what??? I AM DA COMMISH. THE FOUNDER OF THE IPL.

P.S: Am I looking too dark on TV?