Darren Berry says that they are extremely uncomfortable returning to Jaipur and playing there. Ungrateful buggers were siting in Goa when it happened. Now they are considering quitting. I will be extremely surprised if Shane Warne follows him but you never know.

We’ll miss the Aussies but the show will go on. Theres enough players in the sub-continent who will make the IPL successful.

Hey Berry F**k Off. IPL still rocks and Money Talks.


Players not paid

April 17, 2008

Apparently some players have not been paid and their managers and agents are cribbing. I knew this would happen. Heard rumors that the franchises are scrambling to get money transfers arranged. Thank god we at the BCCI collected all the money up-front.

As usual in India we dont do anything about anything until the last minute. Hope these foreigners understand.

Come to think of it, we still havent paid Greg Chappell.

Kanenge bhai..Aaaraam se…

…and the media guys… thats another story. @#$%^^&!