15 Minutes of Fame

April 22, 2008

People said that the IPL opening ceremony was our 15 minutes of fame. So Pawarji and the rest of the BCCI folk decided to speak 15 minutes each. For that we got booed.

I feel this treatment is totally not deserved. Pawarji was so upset that he refused to drink a cup of tea. I also refused tea and had beer instead.

This English is a funny language.

In the meantime, several people are commenting on how the cameras keep focussing on the celebreties in the stands… well people you have to live with it… though I am upset that the TV guys keep prefering Preity Zinta to high officials from the BCCI… that is totally not correct. I mean come one… Pawarji is quite photogenic (in his own way). Anyway next match we will sit with SRK and keep waving.