Sour Grapes

April 23, 2008

I just wish Javed Miandad would disappear. The guy keeps cribbing about everything. Now hes saying that IPL sucks etc etc.. Hey guru we dont need to be told that…

Anyway what are you cribbing about? No one offered you a job? My guess is that they are afraid of your “relation” by marriage to a certain underworld don. Maybe he could have bought a team for you.

Anyway dont thing we can use you here. Why dont you see if you can start a league in Dubai? Maybe a tennis ball game? They do have cricket teams there… you and 5 other people can watch.

Just go away.

And Wasim Akram has echoed his sentiments as well. This boy I tell you… we looked after him so well.. now he comes back and bites us.. who do you think got him that commentary deal? Shaz and Vaz etc…Well time to pull the plug I think.


The ECB is supposedly in talks to set up a rival league to the IPL. I wish them lots of luck.

I wish them lots of luck. All they are left to choose from are players from Zimbabwe and Bangladesh and yes the English “Stars”.. all three of them… (guffaw)

Agreed that the English have the best staduims.. but we have the best bakras (fans and franchisees).

On another note some English players (dont want to name them) are upset that their board is not allowing them to participate in the IPL. The same players made statements like “We are not playing for money”… “We dont care” etc etc… Now they are grumbling…

Grumble Grumble Rumble

March 17, 2008

The rumbling has started now. Just got a call from some of the players. Apparently some of them are upset about the discrepancies in salaries.

I mean Yusuf Pathan has played in one 20-20 game… and hes making more money than someone like Ricky Ponting, Ricky’s also pissed that hes making less money than Symonds and Lee..

This guy Uthappa does not have a century to his name, yet hes making more money than many seasoned players. I pointed out to them that we the BCCI/IPL had nothing to do with the rates being offered (hyuk hyuk we are happy with the money WE made)… I am like “Look bhai.. naat my phault”.

Anyway some discontent brewing…I need to start hiring spies to ensure this thing does not get out of hand.. I mean nothing should upset this wonderful money making opportunity for us..

 Greedy buggers.. these players..

Timepass Begins

March 14, 2008

We at the BCCI are thrilled that we are creating lots of jobs for hiterto jobless people. I saw a program on CNN-IBN last evening where they were discussing some comment SRK made ad-nauseum.

The discussion was “Is Cricket only a business for SRK?”

Hello People !!!!! Of course its a business… He paid Millions of dollars for this.. and hes not looking to run an NGO. Wake up and do something useful with your time.

P.S: I am also have a tough time keeping these TV guys away. I am thinking of buying a dog.