Its over. Sigh !!!

June 3, 2008

Looking back at this year and looking forward to the next.

Guess what I am thinking of?

Picture Courtesy Ankit


Ready for showdown

May 29, 2008

Dravid – OUT, Sachin – OUT, Ganguly – OUT, Laxman – OUT. The grand old men of Indian Cricket will not play any more part in this years IPL. A combined take home salary of 12+ crores and nothing to show for it…. thank God it wasn’t our money 😉

Whether they will return is anyones guess. Expect some major changes in the off-season.

So its Delhi vs Rajasthan and Chennai vs Punjab. We shall see. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the Rajasthan team since I own part of the team.


Winding Down

May 26, 2008

So we are close to the semi-finals. Lots of emotional stuff happening. SRK getting all teary eyed when asked not to go to the dug out and then sending a 10 page SMS boo hooing about it.

Preity I hear is now praying for her team’s success. I heard that it was at her command that “Mentakumaran” Sreesanth actually got a haircut.

I love the Bollywood types. So dramatic.

Vijay Mallya’s team have actually won a couple of matches. So dont hear much grumblings there.

Darren Berry says that they are extremely uncomfortable returning to Jaipur and playing there. Ungrateful buggers were siting in Goa when it happened. Now they are considering quitting. I will be extremely surprised if Shane Warne follows him but you never know.

We’ll miss the Aussies but the show will go on. Theres enough players in the sub-continent who will make the IPL successful.

Hey Berry F**k Off. IPL still rocks and Money Talks.

The Royal Challenge

May 12, 2008

First he fires his CEO. Now hes shooting his mouth off in public about how he left the team selction to Dravid and the CEO …blah blah blah blah etc etc.. I wish he would keep quiet… ONLY BCCI IS ALLOWED TO DO THAT !!!! (shoot our mouths of that is)

I mean the Deccan (Dis)Chargers are screwed up as well.. you dont see their owners complaining in public.

I just hope Vijay Mallya doesn’t ask for his money back. Anyway there was a “No Refund” clause in the franchisee agreement. Whew !!

Ok.. Bangalore fired Charu Sharma yesterday. Its probably the first of many…

Unfortunately hiring him in the first place was a mistake… I mean just because he anchored the program on Set Max… does it make him the Cricket Officianado?  Anyway its unfortunate.. we created jobs but the guys can’t keep them.

Wonder who the next target is….

I am glad that we at the BCCI are not accountable like this. Else a lot of us would have been out on our sorry asses a long time ago.

Even without the ban, the general feeling was that $850K was wasted on Bhajji. Over 14 Games it meant a nice $60k plus per game. Dont know why the idiot cant quit while hes ahead.

Of course we have fine print in the contract which means that Bhajji wont get even a “tooti koudi”. I hope he knows that. The only company that will now sponsor him is tha maker of Valium.

We tried to get Priety Zinta to withdraw the complaint but shes one fiesty lady and refused. I mean this lady refused to withdraw her statement against the Mafia.. whats BCCI for her?

Sreesanth I heard is getting offers from Hindi Soaps. They need guys who can cry.