Mithun in the ICL

March 31, 2008

Ok..ok.. so now Mithun Chakraborthy now owns the Kolkata Tigers ICL team. I dont know whether to laugh or howl… this is really really funny.

As one blogger who calls himself the Great Bong puts it here:

Just as Mithun-da created an alternate Bollywood at Ooty with wasted actors, overweight starlets, bargain-basement technical crew, we the Bhakts are positive that he will best the Bollwood glamor of the Knight-Riders with his team of washed-out oldies and disheartened young guns, whom some of the evil men supporting IPL may refer to as “bin petrol ke gadi aur bin naashe ke taari” (Loha)

A couple of the IPL franchisees called me worried about this… I dont know what the hell they are worried about. The ICL is like the senior tour. Everyone way past their prime. Next thing you know Kapil Dev, Dean Jones, and Tony Grieg will be suiting up. Losers.