So things are still not 100% in terms of logistics. But we are all set to go. Small hiccups here and there.. some foreign players are missing (hope they realize thats a pay cut).

SRK panicked for a while, we have effectively quieted him. Vijay Mallya is a saving grace, he knows what its like to put money into these ventures (Force India etc)… you lose money initially… and hope to make money later… in any case VM makes tons of money on hooch. Hes using this entire IPL exercise to advertise his “mineral water”

Oh and by the way on a totally different note, I wish Suresh Kalmadi would shut up. Hes saying that atheletes who skipped out on the run missed a historic moment (you know hes targeting Sachin). Well Kalmadi saab, my request to you.. stick to your business.. oh and try to improve sports without groveling. I know you are jealous of our achievements in cricket. Perhaps if you spend some time administering instead of massaging your ego, we’d probably win something. So… shut up !!! I have a good mind to ask Pawarji to take some action against this bugger.. maybe sew his mouth up.

Note to self: Cancel all tickets meant for Kallu and family.