Caught Smoking

May 26, 2008

So this cop files a complaint against Ness Wadia and me Da Commish. I think the bugger was just jealous of all the TV coverage I was getting… and the fact that I was sitting close to Preity Zinta.

He complained that I was smoking in an earlier match. Bah Humbug… so what??? I AM DA COMMISH. THE FOUNDER OF THE IPL.

P.S: Am I looking too dark on TV?


Players not paid

April 17, 2008

Apparently some players have not been paid and their managers and agents are cribbing. I knew this would happen. Heard rumors that the franchises are scrambling to get money transfers arranged. Thank god we at the BCCI collected all the money up-front.

As usual in India we dont do anything about anything until the last minute. Hope these foreigners understand.

Come to think of it, we still havent paid Greg Chappell.

Kanenge bhai..Aaaraam se…

…and the media guys… thats another story. @#$%^^&!

The ECB is supposedly in talks to set up a rival league to the IPL. I wish them lots of luck.

I wish them lots of luck. All they are left to choose from are players from Zimbabwe and Bangladesh and yes the English “Stars”.. all three of them… (guffaw)

Agreed that the English have the best staduims.. but we have the best bakras (fans and franchisees).

On another note some English players (dont want to name them) are upset that their board is not allowing them to participate in the IPL. The same players made statements like “We are not playing for money”… “We dont care” etc etc… Now they are grumbling…