The Auction

March 12, 2008

What a day that was…. the players were “Auctioned” off.. reminds me of the village fair where cows are sold…except no one checking teeth, deformities etc.

Things went ballistic… Dhoni and Symonds went for big bucks…There was a feeding frenzy..I mean the franchisees were falling on top of one another to buy up players.. Can you beleive that Harbajan was bought for $950K…For the number of wickets he’ll take thats like paying him $100K per wicket… anyway what of my father goes… its Ambani’s money…

Preity wanted the players walking a ramp.. but the idea was shelved when Pawar insisted on leading the walkers… that would have been a gory sight… She seems to have a good cricketing brain… maybe we’ll include her on the board of selectors. She’ll throw darts to select the team.

Man we are having fun.. didnt have to spend a single dime…