Making use of ICON players

April 29, 2008

Heres a little inside story.

Except for Dhoni all ICON players have failed miserably especially the Fab 4. Dravid cant hit the ball if it was the size of a watermelon, Ganguly.. well we all know that the only reason hes on the team is because SRK wants to use him for publicity. Plus there would be riots in Kolkatta. Laxman.. well he scored in one match but for most part he looks lost. Tendulkar…. well hes hurt…

The Franchisees have been calling BCCI if they can use these Icon players for something else.. they need the publicity…. several ideas were thrown around… finally the suggestion that these people be made non-playing captains made sense. The only other intersting part is a question whether all of them can be used to help the cheerleading squad. The way Dravid is waving his bat around it looks like hes waving pom poms anyway.

Heres a great review on the season so far by Greatbong.


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