Bhajji Banned – $850k down the drain

April 29, 2008

Even without the ban, the general feeling was that $850K was wasted on Bhajji. Over 14 Games it meant a nice $60k plus per game. Dont know why the idiot cant quit while hes ahead.

Of course we have fine print in the contract which means that Bhajji wont get even a “tooti koudi”. I hope he knows that. The only company that will now sponsor him is tha maker of Valium.

We tried to get Priety Zinta to withdraw the complaint but shes one fiesty lady and refused. I mean this lady refused to withdraw her statement against the Mafia.. whats BCCI for her?

Sreesanth I heard is getting offers from Hindi Soaps. They need guys who can cry.


3 Responses to “Bhajji Banned – $850k down the drain”

  1. Vibhash Says:

    mumbai is anyways going to loose badly….its good for mukesh bhai because the loss would come chaper now

  2. Vijay Says:

    @Vibhash.. interesting that the two most expensive franchises (in terms of money paid for the franchise) are the worst performers… maybe they ran out of money before the player auction…

  3. Manjunath Says:

    did u also do it with preity why this juice corner for her?

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