Sour Grapes

April 23, 2008

I just wish Javed Miandad would disappear. The guy keeps cribbing about everything. Now hes saying that IPL sucks etc etc.. Hey guru we dont need to be told that…

Anyway what are you cribbing about? No one offered you a job? My guess is that they are afraid of your “relation” by marriage to a certain underworld don. Maybe he could have bought a team for you.

Anyway dont thing we can use you here. Why dont you see if you can start a league in Dubai? Maybe a tennis ball game? They do have cricket teams there… you and 5 other people can watch.

Just go away.

And Wasim Akram has echoed his sentiments as well. This boy I tell you… we looked after him so well.. now he comes back and bites us.. who do you think got him that commentary deal? Shaz and Vaz etc…Well time to pull the plug I think.


6 Responses to “Sour Grapes”

  1. bubbleonfire Says:

    They’re just jealous.

  2. nestaquin Says:

    Regardless of their motives some of their points are valid. It is quite conceivable that private leagues could supercede international matches and rob the game of some of the best players, Indians included.

  3. Vijay Says:

    nestaquin: Agree with you in general… but Miandad always has a hidden agenda…

  4. Vibhash Says:

    he might have thought of getting a commentry job with max…aftrall he has improved his english now and for max, he wud surely come cheaper thn shiva rama krishnan…bt perhaps GoI didnt allow him a visa due to family connections…hence crying foul

  5. Vijay Says:

    Vibhash… wasnt he coaching a Ranji team in India some time ago? maybe not…

  6. Vibhash Says:

    is it..i dnt know…and even if he came to coach a ranji side no one wud have known…bt IPL’s case it wud have become a big story.

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