Off and Running

April 21, 2008

So we got started this weekend. Amazing stuff… the crowds were unbeleivable… makes the ICL look like a B Grade movie.

Mallya really set the standard for how to put up a show. The opening ceremony was phenomenal. Unfortunately his team got clobbered (they have since won in Mumbai).

SRK was there in all his glory. Me thinks (as others do as well) that even his cheering is stage managed. Compare that with Mukesh Ambani who would barely clap… sometimes he was cheering for the wrong team.

Anyway the Commish feels that the IPL will be a great success (why should it not… we continue to rake in the moolah at other peoples expense).

On some other notes… Preity Zinta’s team lost… sources say she was quite devastated.. I was watching her at the game (dont blame me)…. and she looked quite overawed.

Already lots of people calling me to congratulate me on the success. Oh by the way, I am really really pissed off at the crowd in Bangalore for booing me during my speech (and Pawarji as well). I have hidden camera pictures of the people who did the booing… all 55,000 of them. Will get to them one by one…watch out !!!


3 Responses to “Off and Running”

  1. Vibhash Says:

    ur cheer leaders wear too much of cloths…do sth abt it.

  2. da commish Says:

    @Vibhash: We thought so as well…we will have to “look” into it 😉

  3. Vibhash Says:

    yeah…and pls keep SRK and KJO in seperate stands…its too much of PDA there

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