The First Injury of the IPL

April 2, 2008

Preity Zinta got an elbow in her face that gave her a black eye. Well… I think that can be classified as the first injury in the IPL.

Apparently her bodyguard’s elbow hit her in the eye and it was an accident as the actress says…. or was it?

Yuvraj Singh is the captain there… I hope he does better than he did in Australia… He can focus on cricket now that a certain actress has given him the “haath”… Lets see..

These Bollywood types want launches for everything… anyway what goes of my father. Its their money…


3 Responses to “The First Injury of the IPL”

  1. Nitin Says:

    This is rib tickling hilarious!! I am bookmarking this blog. Keep it coming..

  2. fakeipl Says:

    @Nitin: Thank you… dont worry.. lots and lots of dirt will be dug up… the fun is just beginning.

  3. Paduko Says:

    Preity’s bodyguard gave her the haath..hahaha its silly roaming aorund with men towing as if u are so important. F*cking media hungry woman goes around throwing money on media and media managers and bodyguards to maintain a show as if she is too important

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