Grumble Grumble Rumble

March 17, 2008

The rumbling has started now. Just got a call from some of the players. Apparently some of them are upset about the discrepancies in salaries.

I mean Yusuf Pathan has played in one 20-20 game… and hes making more money than someone like Ricky Ponting, Ricky’s also pissed that hes making less money than Symonds and Lee..

This guy Uthappa does not have a century to his name, yet hes making more money than many seasoned players. I pointed out to them that we the BCCI/IPL had nothing to do with the rates being offered (hyuk hyuk we are happy with the money WE made)… I am like “Look bhai.. naat my phault”.

Anyway some discontent brewing…I need to start hiring spies to ensure this thing does not get out of hand.. I mean nothing should upset this wonderful money making opportunity for us..

 Greedy buggers.. these players..


4 Responses to “Grumble Grumble Rumble”

  1. Shiv Says:

    Nice blog. Especially in this post, liked the ” Naat my phault”!! good one. keep it going.

  2. fakeipl Says:

    @shiv: Thanks phor the comment… lots of jooosie stories to come 🙂

  3. neela Says:

    a countdown is showed everyday..DLF…only 25 days or so..
    Before the volcano erupts there HAS to be rumble and grumbles..
    APT heading !!

  4. vibhash Says:

    discrepencies are not only in for of cash…but also kind….ask zinta madam

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