The IPL Begins – We’re in the Money !!!

March 11, 2008

Dear people. I am wonderfully happy to say that our IPL league is off to a successful start. Who knew that what we discussed over a few beers would become successful. We were sitting there drinking thinking about ways and means to screw the ICL when this idea came up..

It wasnt even original…

I was amazed at the number of people who were interested in becoming franchisees. I kept telling Pawarji that the fans were not the only suckers… We could not BELEIVE that Vijay Mallya payed us $111 Million for his Bangalore franchise..

We have proved two things…

1. You CAN have your Pav Bhaji and eat it too

2. You CAN fool all the people all the time

We have deposited all the money in the bank… everything cleared.
Oh Ya.. one final note.. The expression “Laughing All the way to the bank”… its true..

The player selection is over..  Now comes the tough part.. we need to actually hold some matches. I’ll think about that during my holiday.


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